We are your personal nurse navigators through an increasingly complex health care system.

Our independent patient advocates have years of valuable clinical nursing experience and access to unique health care resources.

We interface with a local and national network of experts to empower health care consumers through research, education, compassion and support.

We integrate evidence based research findings and personalized medicine to:

    • address the root cause of illness
    • promote optimal health in chronic and autoimmune disease
    • reduce risk
    • create personal wellness plans
    • navigate acute care experiences

Who We AreEllen Wait

Ellen Wait, RN, MSN/Integrative Health, is Executive Director of Nurse Advocates Network. She is experienced in a variety of clinical settings and has witnessed the power of patient education in all of them. She is inspired by the groundbreaking new science that offers patients new options in diagnosis, treatment and healing.

Ellen is a graduate of the University of Arizona and the Independent RN Patient Advocate Program affiliated with the UA College of Nursing. She is a Board Certified Nurse Coach, lifelong learner and loyal Wildcat.

APHA Code of EthicsMember:

Knowledge is love and light and vision.”—Helen Keller

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